Asian Motorcoach Council

The Asian Motorcoach Council provides a forum and opportunity for Asian operators, and those doing business with them, to meet and discuss issues impacting the industry and operators.


The core mission of the Asian Motorcoach Council (AMC) is to reach out to Asian motorcoach and tour operators, as well as those who work with them, to ensure they are aware of current government safety regulations and have them see ABA as a resource they can turn to when it comes to best business practices.The AMC also provides a networking forum to connect the motorcoach operators with tour operators around the country.


As a member of the AMC and ABA, you are entitled to a variety of association benefits that will serve your unique needs: a legislative voice, regulatory watchdog activities, money-saving services, connections to other operators and suppliers, regular communications, an annual meeting, specialized safety training and much more.

The AMC membership is comprised of dedicated professional individuals, business owners and affiliated personnel who have a common interest in providing the highest quality and safest possible motorcoach service to all passengers and are interested in working with the ever-growing Asian motorcoach and tour operators business community in the motorcoach industry throughout the United States.

For more information on the Asian Motorcoach Council, contact Brad Tucker at (202) 218-7206 or