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As a member-driven organization, the American Bus Association seeks committed volunteers to serve on a variety of committees. Together, ABA professional staff work and committee members work closely to advance the association’s mission.

To learn more about volunteering for a standing committee, contact us by phone or email at executiveoffice@buses.org or phone to (800) 283-2877.

Certified Travel Industry Specialist Committee

The CTIS Committee, the American Bus Association (ABA) and Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) are responsible for the course development, promotion, enrollment and administration of the Certified Travel Industry Specialist (CTIS) program. Committee members, ABA staff, and IUPUI staff ensure the program meets the needs of the industry and students.

Editorial Advisory Board

The Communications Committee brings marketing and public affairs experts within the industry together with ABA's Communications, Marketing & Media Relations department to serve as strategic counselors. ABA always tries to provide its members with new messaging tools to reach target audiences. The group works to ensure that ABA speaks with one industry voice.

Lifetime Achievement Award Committee

The ABA Lifetime Achievement Award Committee is a committee composed of ABA members, principally charged with identifying, evaluating and selecting industry veterans to honor with ABA's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marketplace Advisory Committee

The Marketplace Advisory Committee actively assists ABA in the planning and performance of the annual American Bus Marketplace. Along with Marketplace subcommittee members and ABA staff, MAC members collectively contribute to the education, personal growth, and business prosperity of the association and its members.

Membership Committee

ABA Membership Committee evaluates current membership programs and recommends membership outreach initiatives to ensure a growing and vital membership organization. The committee also aims to ensure that each member realizes the value and benefits of their membership in ABA.