WIB Network

Women in Buses Council (WIB) exists to recognize and advance the role of women in the motorcoach industry through networking, education and mentoring programs. The Council is expanding its programming again to meet the expressed needs of the motorcoach and group travel industry by creating the WIB Network.

The purpose of the WIB Network is to connect an individual who has a lot of knowledge and experience with someone who hasn’t gained the same knowledge or experience or is new to the industry.

Business networking is a term that refers to meeting other industry professionals who have business experiences—to help you grow your business. The Women in Buses Network is looking for experts and those seeking information.

Being an expert serves as a way to give back and is an important development and learning experience. Teaching others is the best way to learn yourself.

By having someone who knows more than yourself, share advice, offer guidance and be a sounding board for your thoughts, you stand to benefit from experience beyond your own.

Having a network is crucial to all our continued growth and development.  Networking assists you in identifying opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for your business.

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