Big Labor Rulings

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Big Labor Rulings

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Dan Sobol

Daniel’s national practice is dedicated to representing employers across industries in a range of traditional labor, union and employment matters. Clients rely on him to defend all manner of
employment related lawsuits and to navigate unfair labor practice charges, prevailing wage matters, representation complexities and various issues before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), as well as collective bargaining, grievance arbitrations and labor injunctions. His representations include assisting management and executive leadership with various employment and ERISA issues, and he is often called upon to serve as labor counsel in mergers and acquisitions transactions.

As a strategic ally to employers, Daniel works closely with management teams to create and implement labor relations plans and business-minded approaches to collective bargaining, labor contracts, wage and hour issues and union election and management matters. He has defended regional and national employers against union organization and has created comprehensive labor relations strategies that mitigate unionization within their businesses. Additionally, Daniel provides supervisor and management training that focuses on identifying and resolving workplace issues and labor disputes unique to their business.

Daniel is a thought leader on pandemic-related labor matters as well as on NLRB developments and newly enacted labor laws.



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