Move Away from FRANTIC Busyness to Busy by Design in 3 Easy Steps

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Track | Professional Development: Time Management

People are exhausted, frustrated, and have gotten away from enjoying what they value. Being busy does not mean you are living a life you are genuinely excited about, and most people do not know what really fuels them—their wow factor! The life they want is a distant dream and not a list of three to four prioritized things. In this session, you’ll learn how to easily identify the core values that are critical to living a productive and happy life. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to make your values actionable and consistently live them with the right tools.


Peggy Sullivan

Peggy believes that the most profound way to enhance your life is to claim responsibility for your happiness. That's why she has made it her calling to teach women to nurture their mindset, professional growth, and health and wellness. Through my book, "Happiness is Your Responsibility", speaking engagements, and the nonprofit women's organization SheCAN!, she knows that you will receive the tools you need to ditch the negative mindset and start living a life full of happiness.   



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