Say It Like You Mean It: Speaking with Competence & Confidence

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Say It Like You Mean It: Speaking with Competence & Confidence

Track | Professional Development: Public Speaking

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if nobody hears them they’re worthless. The good news is that anyone can learn to communicate well by following a simple set of easy to adopt principles. These effortless pointers can help even the shyest, most tongue-tied people to look, sound, and feel competent and confident when pitching ideas, presenting project outcomes, or asking for what you need at work.

Learning Outcomes: 

In this short presentation Aden will introduce you to

  • Two tools from the world of improv theatre that will make you look, sound and feel your most confident
  • How to send subtle body language signals that strengthen the way your ideas are received by others
  • Practice that will help you shift your comfort with the uncomfortable!


Aden Nepom

Aden Nepom is a TEDx speaker, host of The Changed Podcast and President at the Art of Change, where she provides meeting facilitation, interpersonal workplace skills development, and coaching that help people to communicate, collaborate and behave better at work.



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