A Security Reminder for the Motorcoach Industry

In light of the recent attack in Nice, France, ABA wants to remind you to be safe and secure. Safety is our biggest priority for our passengers, drivers and buses. That is why it is our responsibility to ensure we have a security plan in place to help prevent these types of incidents from happening with our motorcoaches.

ABA recommends that members:

Review vehicle access and control procedures with drivers/mechanics. Don’t just leave keys lying around or in vehicles. 

Plan your trip and check the details before you depart. Some routing and parking locations may be changing as a result of this recent security incident. There are expected to be additional changes for the upcoming presidential conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia as there is some concern that there may be copycat attacks.

If you see something, say something. Reporting is key! Any suspicious activity should be shared with 9-1-1, but can also be reported to (866) 615-5150, which is the number for the Transportation Security Operations Center. The Transportation Security Operations Center is where the TSA connects with the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, FBI and other law enforcement and security agencies to analyze and monitor security-related operations, incidents and crises in aviation and all surface modes of transportation.

Call for help if you feel threatened at your facility and think that your operations are being targeted. You can reach out to a nearby field office to request support from a Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) team with a show of force. To request contact information for VIPR email Brandon Buchanan at bbuchanan@buses.org  or TSA at highwaysecurity@dhs.gov.

About the American Bus Association

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