ABA Files Comments on Regulatory Refom, Now it is Your Turn


The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is seeking the public’s help to identify regulations that should be repealed, modified or replaced. Now is the time to get involved if you want regulatory change!

Repeatedly, the motorcoach industry has advocated for less regulation. The DOT’s notice on regulatory reform offers the industry this precise opportunity, AND it requires no legislative action. There are some regulations that are required by statue; however, this does not prevent the DOT from taking action to modify the regulations to relieve burdens. Also, there are other regulations not required by statute, where the DOT has complete discretion, even up to the point of eliminating the requirement.

BUT, the DOT needs to hear from the industry on what regulations to address – they need the industry to respond. The DOT notice seeking your comments can be found here, and the comment filing deadline is Dec. 1 by 11:59 pm EST, after a requested extentsion by ABA was granted

Topics ABA covered in its comments include the following:

* ADA Record Retention Requirements
* ADA Requirements for Fixed Route Carriers
* DOT Service Animal Definition

* Lease & Interchange Rule Modification or Repeal
* Pre-emption of State/Local Laws/Regulations/Ordinances on Hours of Service Rules
* Removing Filing Requirements for Form MP-1
* Reforming CDL Testing & Licensing Processes, Harmonizing CDL Restrictions
* Public Display of CSA Scores

* Seat Belts on Entertainer Motorcoaches

* Modifications to the Charter Bus Rule
* Recourse for Displaced Private Operations by New Publically Funded Transit Agency Services
* Rules Governing Private Bus Operators Performing Subcontracted Activities to Public Transit Agencies
* Creating Transpency in the Governor's Certification Process Before Shifting 5311(f) Funds Away From Private Operators
* Defining Meaningful Connections
* Preventing Private Operators From Being Required to be Sub-Recipients to Direct Competitors Before Receiving Grant Funds
* Joint Use of Transit Facilities

* Expediting Publication of Tolling/HOV Guidance on Parity with Transits

Feel free to use ABA's comments to file your own. You can pick just one issue and copy and paste it to use as your own.

ABA's Comments

But do something! Even if its next week, items that are substantive will still be considered.

ABA has conducted outreach for the past several months seeking regulatory reform ideas, and we will be filing comments for this initiative today. Please contact us for assistance to file your own comments. You can call (202) 218-7227 or send us an email. The time to act is now, DOT needs to hear from you!

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