Insider Exclusive: Health & Wellness on the Road

Insider Exclusive: Health & Wellness on the Road

Rolling Strong is helping to change the driver health crisis

By George Spencer

All motorcoach operators know the importance of preventative technologies in their vehicles. But do they have preventative healthcare policies for their drivers?

That’s the question asked by Rolling Strong, a company that provides driver wellness programs for the trucking and motorcoach industries. ABA member Greyhound has been a client for four years. In the trucking industry, Rolling Strong’s major clients include Covenant Transport and R+L Carriers, and Rolling Strong is Cigna Health Insurance’s exclusive provider for its transportation clients.

Rolling Strong offers individual coaches for drivers (and all a client’s employees). They are available in person, by phone, or social media. Drivers get confidential health check screenings at 11,000 locations across the country. (To ensure that drivers trust the program’s confidentiality, clients only receive aggregate data.)

A phone app offers personalized nutrition advice, video exercise programs, and additional ways to communicate with coaches. Driving Strong was purchased this past March by Velociti, a transportation technology company that installs ELDs, and it is creating a new enhanced app that launches in September.

Rolling Strong’s founder and COO Bob Perry recently spoke at BISC’s summer meeting in Baltimore. He gave The Insider these 10 tips companies can use to help employees start down the road to better health:

  1. Plan goals. Write out exactly what you want to achieve. Your goal could range from weight loss to building strength and endurance or to relieve depression.
  2. Be honest with yourself and make your goals realistic. Everyone is different. Never compare yourself with someone else.
  3. Write down the steps you’re going to take to get to your goal, knowing that you know it is impossible to get to that higher level unless you take it one step at a time.
  4. Drink lots of water. You need it to flush out your system.
  5. Eat a protein-rich breakfast first thing in the morning.
  6. Begin your workout routine slowly. Start with two or three times a week. Your workout should consist of strength training and cardiovascular exercises.
  7. Think ahead and plan your next workout.
  8. Be prepared. Have your protein ready for the next morning and have snacks ready for the next day.
  9. Stay motivated. The key to long-term success in being healthy is to know how to motivate yourself over and over again. If you do the same workout, you will get bored and stay the same.
  10. Avoid beating yourself up if you fall away from your program, but avoid going down an unhealthy path for two days in a row or it will become a habit.

To learn more, visit or contact Perry at or (602) 692-2734.

Chapel Hill, N.C.-based freelance writer George Spencer is a frequent contributor to ABA media.

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