Insider Exclusive: How To Create a Brand Message That Sticks

Insider Exclusive: How To Create a Brand Message That Sticks

By Business Collective

Do you ever feel like your brand is stuck in the same routine? Are you experiencing stagnant growth while your competitors are broadcasting their messages across the world with viral videos, witty campaigns, and ingenious sponsorships? All brands find themselves in this unfortunate position at some point or another—and acknowledging it is the first step toward enacting positive change.

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your message, here are several tricks for creating one that sticks:

Create More Relevant Content

If you continue publishing blog posts, e-books, and Instagram shots on topics you think your customers will like, you’ll simply continue to send the same message you always have.

Your customers, to a great extent, control the purpose and direction of your content. If you want to shake things up and get your customers to pay attention to your brand, you have to start paying attention to them first. Task yourself or your marketing team with a customer research project that will uncover what content your users enjoy the most. Dig deep to find out where they engage with your brand and how often. This will help you understand why they engage when they do. When you’ve got a grasp on who engages with your content, and when and where they engage with it, you can craft content themes targeted toward buyer personas. This strategy will ensure that your content will be more relatable to your current audience, and it will help you target new audiences.

Find Unexpected Ways to Appeal to Your Audience

Even if you’ve got an outstanding customer service team and a large Twitter following, it’s critical to create fresh and unexpected brand experiences. If you’ve already conducted customer research and understand your buyer types as outlined in the tip above, you’ll already know which platforms your customers are on.

To understand a real example of an unexpected, yet delightful, way to appeal to your audience, consider the brand sponsorships present in The Skimm’s newsletter. If you’re not familiar with The Skimm, it’s a witty, informative newsletter that sends a select batch of relevant news topics to subscribers every weekday. In addition to covering the latest presidential updates, celebrity scandals, and international conflicts, The Skimm partners with select brands that sponsor the newsletter in exchange for being featured in an organic way to a targeted audience.

Since The Skimm is mainly targeted toward female millennials, one of its most recent partnerships is in the form of an external page called “Wine Awesomeness.” This site lets users browse through different wines and read descriptions written in The Skimm’s same approachable and contemporary brand voice. Partnering with a niche media outlet or topical newsletter is a strategic way to get your products or services in front of a targeted audience in an authentic way that doesn’t feel forced or overly promotional.

Focus on Thought Leadership Within Your Industry

Your brand is a multi-dimensional entity made up of employees with dynamic values, beliefs, and goals. That’s why CEOs and marketing and brand leaders should guest post in industry-leading publications, write books, get featured in magazines, etc. The ideas set forth here will inspire people and help them associate your memorable, positive qualities with the brand you represent. It’s also a great way to associate your brand with innovation, leadership, and industry insights that prove you do more than simply sell a product or service.

To read a few more tips, such as using consumer-generated content and involving your employees in refreshing your brand, click here.

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