Member Alert: How to Deal with Spam Scams

There has been an uptick of spammers targeting online communications. You may have received a number of emails from ABA or ABA staff this past week that have looked odd to you. Go with your first instinct!

Here are some tips to follow when you receive an email you are not sure about:
1. Look at the sender address. The email may say Peter Pantuso, but the address looks like an email from comcast or gmail, etc. You will never receive an email from Peter Pantuso or any other member of the ABA staff from a non account.
2. You received an unexpected email from a member of the ABA staff and it says its from their account and it says Click On This Link (it’s ok to do so) … NO! It is NOT! If you received an unexpected email with a link that says sign in here, first thing to do is contact that staff member to ensure they sent you the email. NEVER click on any link or use your log in credentials unless you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so.
               a. NOTE: ABA will NEVER ask for your social security number, bank account information or other confidential personal details.
3. To help avoid being a victim of phishing in the future, contact your IT company to strengthen your spam blockers, also help train your spam filter by marking such emails as spam.

4. Make sure you have procedures with your staff regarding “spam” emails and requests. Keep yourself and your company safe from viruses by being diligent

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