Reflections on Being a Marketplace Chair

Reflections on Being a Marketplace Chair

By Kim Grzywacz

Exhale. As it all wrapped up, and people asked me how I felt - I didn’t have a feeling. I had an action. Exhale.

Was I holding my breath the entire Marketplace? No. It was fun, I was honored. When you find within yourself the ability to “sell”, it is easy to “sell” an event that you know brought you to this point. An event that helped you grow through education, networking and leadership. Advocating for something you believe in is easy.

Was it stressful? No. Once you work behind the scenes and see the mechanics of how it is put together, it is only stressful if you see fault lines and cracks. The American Bus Association staff has this down. They know what has worked, what hasn’t, aren’t afraid to try new ways, and make it all come together. The team in Louisville also worked diligently. Then, all of the volunteers help fill in the spaces. It takes a lot of hard work, but well-organized hard work is easy.

Was I exhausted? Yes. It did take a lot of energy. I gain energy from the quiet - and I was able to find some quiet places to restore some of that energy. Would I do it again? Yes. I was surprised at the pride my company and state felt when they saw my videos, read the articles written, and heard about my accomplishments. Making them proud was an unknown bonus that I discovered after all was said and done.

But, this still didn’t quite explain my reaction to exhale. Looking it up, this is what I found:

So, my interpretation of my reaction to exhale - it was time to “send forth” “discharge”. It was done. Now it is up to you, the attendees, to go forth and reap the benefits of the education, networking, and leadership opportunities presented to you.

Kim Grzywacz is director of Sales at CIT Signature Transportation in Ames, Iowa and an ABA Board Member. Learn more about CIT Signature Transportation at

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