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EMC – Membership

Membership in the Entertainer Motorcoach Council is open to motorcoach operators and manufacturers who own, produce, operate and/or lease luxury motorcoach vehicles that include sleeper berths and other amenities, and are commonly known as entertainer motorcoaches. There are three (3) classes of membership in the EMC:

Bus or Motorcoach Operators

Designated representatives of a bus or motorcoach company or industry trade association. Bus industry association representatives are voting members; however, they are not eligible for positions as Executive Committee Officers or to Chair Standing Committees.


Suppliers and manufacturers of goods, equipment or services to the entertainer motorcoach industry. Supplier members are non-voting members of the EMC.

Bus Leasing Agents

Providers of entertainer motorcoaches that are available for lease, but may not be the direct owner or provide company-employed drivers to operate the vehicles. Bus Leasing Agent members that do not operate motorcoaches are non-voting members of the EMC.

Join EMC

If you’re an Entertainer Motorcoach Owner/Operator and you’d like to be part of this ABA Council that’s fighting for you in Washington contact us at 202-218-7227 or email us at

The American Bus Association serves a thriving industry that provides nearly 600 million passenger trips annually on charters, tours, scheduled service, and shuttles. Membership in ABA includes motorcoach operators, tour operators, tourism-related organizations, and products and service suppliers.

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