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Module 1:  Class B Vehicle Basic Operation

Module 1, Class B Vehicle Basic Operation, is an introduction to basic operating procedures for motorcoaches, which are Class B vehicles.  It features best practices for operating motorcoaches, as well as a general overview of motorcoach characteristics.

Class B Vehicle Basic Operation covers the following topics: Class B Vehicle Operation, Motorcoach Characteristics; Basic Vehicle Control; Transmission Operation; Backing, Docking, and Parking; and Safe Operating Procedures.

Time:  approximately 45 minutes Watch Demo

Module 2: Advanced Operating Practices

Module 2, Advanced Operating Practices, focuses on driving practices that go beyond basic driving skills. This module covers the following topics: Hazard Perception; Distracted Driving; Emergency Maneuvers and Skid Avoidance; Skid Control and Recovery; Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings; Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions; and Maintenance Procedures.

Time:  approximately 30 minutes Watch Demo

Module 3: Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection

Module 3, Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection, provides an in-depth look at pre- and post-trip inspection requirements. The module covers the following topics: Pre/Post Trip Inspection Overview; Pre/Post Inspection Procedures; Air and Hydraulic Brake System Inspection; and Pre/Post Trip Inspection Reports.

Time:  approximately 30 minutes Watch Demo

Module 4: Non-Vehicle Activities

This module covers the following topics: Handling and Documenting Cargo; Environmental Compliance Issues; Hours of Service Requirements; Fatigue and Wellness Awareness; Post-Crash Procedures; External Communications; Whistleblower and Coercion Reporting; Trip Planning; Drugs and Alcohol Regulations; and Medical Requirements.

Time:  approximately 45 minutes Watch Demo

Module 5: Passenger Endorsement

Module 5, Passenger Endorsement, covers topics associated with transporting passengers, ranging from what to do in the event of an accident to hours of service requirements.

Passenger Endorsement covers the following topics: Post-Crash Procedures; Other Emergency Procedures; Inspections; Fueling and Idling; Baggage and Cargo Management; Passenger Safety Awareness Briefing; Passenger Management; Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance; Hours of Service Requirements; Safety Belt Safety; Distracted Driving; Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossings; Weigh Station Obligations; Security and Crime; Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) North American Out-of-Service Criteria; and Penalties and Fines.

Time:  approximately 45 minutes Watch Demo

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