Listening: More Than 2 Ears, 2 Clicks, or 2 Words | American Bus Association

Listening: More Than 2 Ears, 2 Clicks, or 2 Words

Webinar | March 19 | 2 - 3 p.m. ET

Listening: More Than 2 Ears, 2 Clicks, or 2 Words

Track | Communications: Customer Engagement & Acquisition on Social Media

Refining communication skills to a higher plane is mandatory for better “get along” with others whether it is co-workers, bosses, customers or vendors.  More time in virtual communication today requires learning to listen for more than sound.  The demands for relationship success are that we must learn to “listen” to other cues, in other ways.  After all, any communication creates rhythm & relationship: A relationship gets better or worse each time there is a communication. Better if the listener can hear the “rhythm.”  Worse if the listener is worn out trying to get into the “rhythm.”  Basic to success is understanding nothing is more personal than a good conversation/communication be it virtual or face to face.


Sabdra Shelton

Sandra Shelton M.Ed. CTACC engages all participants. She comes from academic pursuits, corporate experience, and international speaking, over 3500 presentations over 3 decades, in 15 countries, and hundreds of organizations such as: AT&T, American Airlines, AstraMerck Pharmaceutical, Texas Instruments, Federal Express, Coca-Cola®, Texas Instruments …. “I laughed, I cried, I learned.” sums up participant comments. She is real, grounded, humorous. Audiences praise her enthusiasm as she delivers one-of-a-kind, inspiring content. Your career, whatever your position, is about connectedness–relationships growing and deepening. The ultimate result is a sustainable foundation for each of us to become and remain teachable, promotable, and lovable for a lifetime of positive contribution. 


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