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Personalized Benefits: New & Improved Benefits Employees Love (and that Boost Your Bottom Line)

Webinar | Dec. 7 | 2-3 p.m. ET

Every employee has individual wants and needs. This is especially apparent when it comes to generational differences in the workplace. The benefits a Gen Z worker values often differ from those of a Baby Boomer employee.

So how do you reconcile these differences without your employee benefits becoming too complicated?

Instead of relying on traditional employee benefits that offer the same benefits to all your employees, you can provide personalized employee benefits. These benefits empower your employees to use their benefits however they want rather than forcing them into a one-size-fits-all plan.

In recent years, many organizations have shifted from offering traditional employee benefits to a new model: personalized benefits. This new model allows organizations of all sizes to provide sustainable benefits that deliver real value to employees.

While the shift toward personalized benefits may seem new, the trends fueling it aren't. However, the ever-increasing rates of traditional employee benefits like health insurance and the rise in healthcare consumerism have pushed personalized benefits to the forefront.

This powerful webinar will explain what personalized benefits are, what's driving the shift to personalized benefits, and how to offer these flexible benefits to your employees.

Embrace the Future of Employee Benefits: Join this ABA Member-Only webinar to learn how personalized benefits can empower your employees and provide a tailored approach that meets individual needs. Understand the trends fueling this shift and discover sustainable strategies that deliver real value. 

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