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Rediscovering Tire Maintenance & Rotation Best Practices

Webinar | May 4, 2022 | 3 PM ET

On April 19, 2022, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a public meeting to discuss a Feb. 22, 2020 bus crash. The 30-passenger bus, which was being operated on a fixed route, lost control, left the roadway, rolled over, and came to rest on an embankment. Three passengers died and 12 others were seriously injured. The resulting NTSB investigation determined that excessive speed on a wet roadway, inadequate tire tread depth and inappropriate driver inputs caused the fatal bus crash. The NTSB developed several safety recommendations, several of which were directed to the motorcoach industry.

This webinar, is part of a series, that will conclude at our in-person meeting at the end of June, June 28-30 in Baltimore. Visit, to find out more about the meeting and register.

During this session, we will discuss tire monitoring and maintenance best practices, as well as recommended tire rotation practices with our panel of experts including motorcoach operators, tire manufacturers and motorcoach manufacturers. How do you measure tire tread wear? Which tires should have the most tread? At what point of tread wear and under what conditions will a bus loss traction? When should you rotate tires between the steer axle and the drive axle? Should you switch tires from right to left or should a right side tire stay on the right side? We will discuss all of these questions and many more!

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