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AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Tourism Content from Research to Delivery

Webinar | November 20 | 2 - 3 p.m. ET

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AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Tourism Content from Research to Delivery

Track | Technology: AI

In this presentation, Lance Harrell explores the practical use of Artificial Intelligence in the realms of content strategy, development, and promotion. He will provide insights into the effective use of AI tools, while pointing out potential missteps and common misunderstandings.

Lance aims to show how AI can assist in gathering data on audience preferences for more informed content strategies, and how it can support the generation and refinement of content ideas. He will also discuss the role of AI in SEO optimization and in personalizing content for diverse audiences. Furthermore, he will touch upon the ethical aspects of using AI in content creation and the importance of retaining human elements in AI-assisted content.

This presentation is geared towards content creators and marketers interested in incorporating AI into their content processes in a balanced and effective way.


Lance Harrell

Lance Harrell brings over 25 years of experience in SEO, content marketing, and web development, with a significant portion of his career—more than 15 years—focused on the travel and tourism sector. His expertise in these areas has enabled him to develop effective and tailored online marketing strategies that address the specific needs of the travel industry.

Known for his comprehensive approach, Lance has consistently applied his skills to navigate the challenges and opportunities within the travel and tourism market. To maintain this edge, he stays abreast of the latest technology trends, ensuring that his strategies are not only relevant but also forward-thinking. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation has made him a respected professional in his field.



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