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The IRS “Family Glitch” Fix

Webinar | April 11 | 2 p.m. ET

The “Family Glitch” is a quirk in health insurance law. It affects how affordable health insurance is deemed for families. If one family member can access affordable coverage through their job, the whole family might not qualify for market subsidies. This leaves many families stuck, unable to afford family coverage through work, and not eligible for help buying insurance elsewhere.

Correcting the Family Glitch is transformative. It not only makes health insurance more accessible for families but also benefits companies and employees financially. Employees can access better and more affordable family plans, reducing their healthcare expenses. Companies contributing to family coverage will see lower overall health benefit costs as employees opt for marketplace options for their families. It’s a win-win: better healthcare access at a lower cost for everyone involved.

Join this ABA webinar; we’ll walk you through every step to fix this.

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