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Why ABA Members are Moving from Outdated Group Health Plans to ICHRA Personalized Benefits™

Webinar | Aug. 23 | 2-3 p.m. ET

Are you sick of paying more for health benefits and sticking your employees with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs? There is a solution.

ABA members are switching from their older, traditional group health plans to the new and improved ICHRA Personalized Benefits.

With ICHRA Personalized Benefits™ you give your employees tax-free dollars to buy the health plan of their choice and from a menu of perks, enhanced benefits, and spending accounts to get their PerfectPlan. Streamline Costs & Increase Employee Satisfaction: Employers can now smartly slash their healthcare budget without compromising benefits.

Employees get improved coverage without digging deeper into their pockets, a true breakthrough in healthcare benefits.

Join us to hear how we helped these fellow ABA members take control of their healthcare costs and how you can too! Transportation Charter Services (TCS) Voigt’s Bus Service Green Light Tours Kaleidoscope Adventures

There are 26 states where individual plans are cheaper than group health insurance rates. If you’re located in one of these states, it’s a no-brainer decision.

Attend the webinar to determine if you are in one “no-brainer” state for ICHRA Personalized Benefits. Discover Proven Strategies: Curious about how these ABA members are managing their health benefit costs?

The era of personalized benefits is here, changing the landscape of employee satisfaction and loyalty. In this powerful webinar exclusively for ABA members, you'll learn what personalized benefits entail, what's motivating this significant shift, and how to offer these flexible options to your staff quickly and easily.

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