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Women in Buses Wednesday | June 2022

Zoom | June 1 | 2-3 p.m. ET

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Session Information | “Give Accuracy and Get a Better Bottom Line”

A panel discussion on recognizing deficiencies through analysis – making improvements – and creating a more profitable operation.

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Greg Gallup, Royal Coach Tours

Greg is currently the Chief Executive Office at Royal Coach Tours based in San Jose, California as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been in the motor coach industry since 2012.

Greg has a proven track record of turn around management, leading departments and operations from underperformance to high achievement. He has had extreme success in building long term customer satisfaction, and excels in creating work environments of high employee engagement and low turnover. Greg has the ability to proactively identify and resolve problems – reversing negative growth trends, controlling costs, maximizing productivity and delivering large profit increases.

Greg currently serves as a board member for both the International Motorcoach Group and the American Bus Association.

Greg earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Washington State University and is Six Sigma certified

Claudine Halabi, Baron Tours Inc.

Claudine is currently President of Citi Concepts, Inc. doing business as Baron Tours and oversees its day-to-day operations.  Claudine’s father purchased the company in 2003 and Claudine took the helm 2007.   She rebranded Baron Tours and expanded its offerings to include luxury, customized transportation services. She also has extensive experience in hotel management and project management.

Her two-fold strength in management and marketing brings important leadership and breadth to the management team of Baron Tours. She manages the corporate staff and drivers in all areas, as well as plans, prepares, and implements short-term and long-term goals that the company has set. During her first year as President, Claudine was instrumental in exceeding the company’s growth and sales goals.

Her mission was to drive business expansion in the private/ government sector. Currently, under her supervision, the business delivers significant revenue and margin growth, and gained share, which outpaces the market.

Baron Tours is a certified as a women owned small business, and is proud to serve public, private, government and military markets.  She has also acquired additional certifications including -MBE, DBE, SBE, EDWOSB, and GSA.

Claudine lives by the motto “Share your Blessings” and is a mission participant in Project Pop Drop which helps with feeding the homeless and lessoning the burdens of poverty.

Claudine earned a degree in Marketing from George Mason University.

Elizabeth Hall, John Hall’s Alaska

Elizabeth Hall, current Chief Operating Office of John Hall’s Alaska, has worked with the family business since 2001.  She currently oversees all tour, team and guest operations for both Minnesota and Anchorage offices.  In addition, Elizabeth works closely with partners around the world to develop and implement the small group exclusive and elevated travel experience John Hall’s Alaska is known for in Alaska, however with the same standards around the world.  During the last 8 years, Elizabeth has helped develop and implement programs outside of Alaska packaged tours including group receptive services, transportation operations and transportation maintenance services of JHA Transportation Services in Anchorage.  As a result, the organization has grown from a seasonal business to year round diverse operation.

Elizabeth started in 2001 as a high school part time position.  After graduation high school, she entered a clerical position full time and while working her way through both a Bachelors and Master’s program, continue to climb the ladder to eventually oversee all operations as of 2011.   Elizabeth’s primary goal is to maintain the core values of the organization started by her father, including excellent product, customer service, creating personal lifelong relationships with industry partners and guests and elevating the guest travel experience standards.    In a world driven by technology and having access to anything at any time, balancing and embracing new opportunities while cradling close the foundation which build the family’s business creates obstacles everyday.

Elizabeth Hall has served on the Alaska Travel Industry Association Board of Directors since 2014, serving as Chair 2018-2019.  In addition, Elizabeth served on the Women in Buses Council since 2014 and joined the ABA Board of Directors in 2021.  Other philanthropy efforts including event chairmanship roles with St. Jude and vice chair of Melby Memorial Charities, a local Minnesota based 501C3.

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