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M&S Parking Fund, Inc. Maximizes Your Overall Savings

Ticket Avoidance

Your drivers are the first line of defense against receiving parking tickets. We provide:

Parking awareness training and reference materials for drivers to use when searching for a parking spot.
Email and text message updates alerting you of parking regulations and construction activity affecting road closures.

Ticket Fighting

We put our 40 years of industry experience to work for you:

Our customized 35 point analysis identifies all applicable defenses.
Our two attorneys fight your tickets in a live Court setting.

Management Reporting

We prepare customized reports and help you to:

Analyze the types of violations your fleet receives and understand your drivers’ trends.
Analyze parking ticket activity and how to effectively manage the process to minimize costs.


Process all original NYC parking tickets (tickets) submitted by the client.
Analyze all NYC Department of Finance (DOF) correspondence (e.g., Notices, etc.) forwarded by the client for necessary action.
Monitor the DOF’s records to identify any outstanding tickets that were not turned in by its drivers.  Summons copies are obtained for M&S processing.
Capture all ticket (originals and copies) data in our systems to maintain a historical record of each violation.
Submit all tickets for scheduling with the Court.
Analyze all tickets and develop dismissal defenses to argue in Court.
Contest all scheduled tickets in a live Court setting.
Appeal any Court decisions we consider to be in error.
Report the final hearing results to the client on the day following a hearing.

Visit www.msparking.com or email info@msparking.com for more information.

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