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Photo and Logo Gallery

Welcome to the American Bus Association online gallery, where the media, association members and travelers can download photos and ABA logos for reproduction.


Melanie Hinton

ABA Logos

Pictured above: ABA’s logo with tagline. Also available by request are Marketplace, ABA Foundation logos, and more. Click on picture to download logo.

Pictured above: ABA’s newly redesigned log without tagline. Click on picture to download logo.

Color Palette

Pantone ® 186 C
CMYK: 0, 100, 81, 4
RGB: 227, 25, 55
Hex: #E31937

ABA Blue
Pantone ® 289 C
CMYK: 100, 64, 0, 60
RGB: 0, 43, 92,
HEX: #002B5C

CMYK: 0, 0, 100
RGB: 0, 0, 0
Hex: #000000

Terms of Use

Media are invited to reproduce for publication any photo within these sections provided they credit the photo(s) as courtesy of the American Bus Association. Official photos of ABA President & CEO Peter Pantuso, CTIS, are also available. To download photos, right click on the image and select “save image as.”

  • To download a photo below, right click on the image and select “save image as.”
  • For more images, visit our galleries of buses and bus passengers.


Below are examples of exterior shots of the most up-to-date motorcoach manufacturers’ buses. ABA has additional exterior shots featuring different backdrops, interior shots, as well as other options.

Pictured above: ABC Companies Van Hool T2145. Also available by request are more than 50 photos from ABC Companies including exterior and interior shots of the Van Hool T2145 above; exterior and interior shots of the TD 925 double-decker bus; exterior shots of the C2045; and exterior shots of the 3035RE & M1235.

Pictured above: The Motor Coach Industries 2013 J4500. Also available by request are more than 50 exterior and interior shots from MCI of its J4500 above, E4505, and D4505 models.

Pictured above: the Temsa TS30. Also available is an exterior photo of the company’s TS35 model.

Attractions & Destinations

Photos of attractions and destinations are welcome in .jpg format at 300 DPI resolution or higher. All photo submissions are available to media upon request, and sending a photo implies consent that any media may use it. Please email them to

Pictured above: New York City is a perennial motorcoach destination for travelers, attracting as many as 1,000 incoming motorcoaches to Manhattan every day.

Pictured above: The Grand Canyon offers limitless exploration opportunities for group tours.

The American Bus Association serves a thriving industry that provides nearly 600 million passenger trips annually on charters, tours, scheduled service, and shuttles. Membership in ABA includes motorcoach operators, tour operators, tourism-related organizations, and products and service suppliers.

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