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Safety Products

Federal guidelines urge motorcoach operators to deliver a pre-trip safety message to passengers–every trip, every time–after passenger boarding and prior to departure. Make it easier for your drivers to stay compliant with federal guidelines. Use ABA’s passenger safety messages to keep your driver focused on safety performance and customer service–not on reading from a script.

Motorcoach Passenger Safety Message


This short, professionally produced video helps passengers understand safety instructions easily. Features seven translations for times you’re hosting international groups. Custom options available through ABA include: Your own proprietary introduction, change default language tracks and more.

Seat-back card

Ideal for scheduled-service operations that make frequent stops to board new passengers. The standard version offers a comprehensive safety message plus information on motorcoaches’ environmental benefits and drivers’ hours of service limitations. A bilingual version is available with a comprehensive safety message in Spanish and English.

Audio CD

Ideal for coaches without video monitors, this CD features a basic English safety message.

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ABA Driver Back Injury Prevention Video Series

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Hours of Service

Simple Card

Features Canada and United States hours of service regulations. Purchase printed cards (5.5″ x 8.5″, two-sided, laminated) from ABA by completing this form.

Comprehensive Guide

Features FMCSA Interstate Passenger Carrying Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service (PDF available from FMCSA).


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